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Submission + - Pro Apple censorship on The Guardian newspaper website. (

Stephen Chadfield writes: It has long been acknowledged by much of its readership that The Guardian newspaper has a pro-Apple bias. The comments section of their latest review of the iPad Air is now swamped with moderated comments. Even the mildest reproaches to The Guardian's pro-Apple messages are now summarily deleted. Is this a watershed for the paper?

Comment I like Vim because... (Score 1) 271

I like Vim because it integrates well with Linux, Solaris and Windows environments and has great syntax highlighting (by default!) for languages associated with the Cadence IC design tools we use at work (i.e. Skill and DIVA).

On *nix systems I like to compile it myself using Motif. Gives a common appearance across all the systems I use that resembles the Windows GUI.

Comment GPL (Score 1) 666

If Redhat are not happy with organizations like CentOS benefiting from the contributions they make to GPL protected software they have a simple solution: stop distributing Linux and write their own proprietary Unix clone from scratch. If they choose not to do so CentOS are free to build and distribute their Redhat based distro and users - commercial or otherwise - are free to use it as they wish,

Submission + - Gaddafi killed as Libya's revolt claims hometown (

syngularyx writes: Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died of wounds suffered on Thursday as fighters battling to complete an eight-month-old uprising against his rule overran his hometown Sirte, Libya's interim rulers said.

His killing, which came swiftly after his capture near Sirte, is the most dramatic single development in the Arab Spring revolts that have unseated rulers in Egypt and Tunisia and threatened the grip on power of the leaders of Syria and Yemen.

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