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Submission + - HP: WebOS Is Now an Open Source Project (

Google85 writes: WebOS, the software behind HP’s failed TouchPad tablet and Palm’s failed Pre smartphones, is getting another shot at life as an open source operating system.
The company will now "contribute webOS to open source license"
One source said that this move will accelerate platform and ecosystem development, benefiting current and future users. "Future" being a clear indication that more HP webOS hardware could be on the radar.


Submission + - Apple market cap more than Wintel (

Google85 writes: As of market close on Friday, June 3, 2011, Apple surpassed the market capitalization of Microsoft and Intel combined. the closing value of Apple (AAPL) $317.60 billion exceeded that of Wintel.
Microsoft (MSFT) had a market value of $201.59 billion while the market value of Intel (INTC) stands at $115.21 billion. Bringing “Wintel” worth to $316.8 billion.


Submission + - Nvidia acquires baseband processor maker (

Google85 writes: Nvidia announced plans to acquire to acquire baseband-processor developer Icera Semi for $367m.
Jen-Hsun Huang called the deal "a key step in Nvidia's plans to be a major player in the mobile computing revolution"
Nvidia's senior vice president of it mobile business unit, Phil Carmack, said "This is a significant step forward in Nvidia's strategy to be the processor company for the post-PC era,"


Submission + - Schwarzenegger launches animated TV series (

Google85 writes: He's back. In his first post-politics project, Arnold Schwarzenegger launched a TV cartoon series for kids called The Governator, Schwarzenegger told a press conference at the MipTV conference in Cannes today that the show will spawn comic books, digital content and ultimately a 3D movie.

The star also said he is planning a return to the big screen in non-animated form. "I will also be in front of the camera, and I'm looking at many different scripts," he said. "We have somewhat held off with that because we really wanted to pay full attention to The Governator."


Submission + - Nokia sells Qt licensing and services business ( 1

Google85 writes: Now that Nokia has shifted to a Windows Phone-centric smartphone strategy, it's only natural for the company to divest itself of responsibility with regard to the Qt framework. It has been announced Digia will acquire the Qt commercial licensing and services business from Nokia, including the transfer of some 3,500 desktop and embedded customers actively using Qt today.

Submission + - OpenOffice declare their independence from Oracle (

Google85 writes: The Project has unveiled a major restructuring that separates itself from Oracle and that takes responsibility for OpenOffice away from a single company.
From now on, OpenOffice's development and direction will be decided by a steering committee of developers and national language project managers.
Driving home the changes, project is now The Document Foundation while the suite has been given the temporary name of LibreOffice.

Comment Obligatory: Yellow Lasers (Score 2, Funny) 88

Met her at the Star Wars convention.
Did I mention she was looking for love?
Had to call her bluff, "Lady, you don't mean how that sounded.
The thousand-pound dude in the 'no fat chicks' shirt's astounded."
Thought she'd take it back, revoke, rescind, rewind, retract.
"You heard me," she said, "I want any man here
to descend in the cave where you conquer the fear,
and I'll steer you to side of the force that you choose.
Somebody's man enough here -- now who?"
This girl, now you have to understand,
would not look out of place on the arm of an attractive man,
so the geeks in attendance got jaws on the floor. One extends his
saber but he tripped on his cloak. I stepped to the front then I spoke:
"I ain't spitting game, look, I got a Wookiee hat on.
But these guys here are used to getting spat on
by girls. See, you put em in shock.
And this ain't the right con to quote Mister Spock
but it's highly illogical to me." Girl looked in my eye, said, "is your mind free?

'Cause I got something for you. It is shiny, it is clean.
Come on up and I'll adore you with my yellow laser beam."

Sitting in her room upstairs,
watching her wind up the buns in her hair,
I declare that "I'd like to be Luke
unless that's a little bit too perverted for you.
I could be Jabba, a Jawa, an Ewok
when we talk, 'oo ga la gee bla!'
Wait -- I seen all the flicks, all the books that I read,
don't remember any character tied to the bed.
But that's all right, I'll just pretend that I'm encased in carbonite.
And why that's a nice gold bikini; you make that?
Shows off what you got, no mistake: that's
one fine view of Chewbacca you're giving me.
Lower that down here, we could be living the
linguistic lifestyle of the protocol droid."
Here comes the part where I'm not overjoyed.
"Fire!" she said, and before I could scream,
got a steaming mouth full of yellow laser beam.


Submission + - Topeka, Kansas renames itself 'Google' (

Google85 writes: from the We're-definitely-not-in-Topeka-anymore dept.
Topeka Mayor William Bunten issued a proclamation declaring that, for the month of March, the Kansas capital would be known as "Google, Kansas — the capital city of fibre optics".
The name changes comes in a bid to convince google to choose the city for their FiOS experiment.

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