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Comment Re:Old software? (Score 1) 415

before you are going to have to move off Windows XP.

Bullshit. No one has to move off XP. They can continue to run it as long as they want so long as they have the hardware to do so. I have my own XP system and I will run that as long as I am able to. There are people still running 2000 and 98 without issues.

One can always do other tricks to lock down their system regardless of whether they get security updates or not.

Comment Re:negatory, cut them back, hard (Score 4, Informative) 605

The space program was dramatically accelerated by accepting German immigrants.

Try again. We didn't accept them, we captured them. We got Von Braun and the other Nazis and had them work for us. Our rockets kept exploding but it was the Nazis, with their usual efficiency, who got us on the right track and took us to the moon.

Obligatory XCDK comic

Comment Possibly some truth (Score 1) 514

smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.

Considering in China it's not "Buyer beware" but rather, "If you got taken, it's your own fault", that does appear to insinuate that at least in China, deceitfulness is part of the culture.

As to the criminal personality, almost without exception when the evil Asian female is portrayed, she has long hair. Not that I mind Asian women with long hair (gives you something to hold on to), but it's disconcerting every time I see an Asian female with long hair as my first thought is usually, "How will she try to kill me if I ask her out?"

Comment Re:It's not just this community (Score 2) 319

It's not just activist communities. Numerous studies have shown that the more creative someone is, the higher the prevalence of mental disorders such as depression.

Writers such as Zane Grey, Ernest Hemingway, Philip K. Dick and others, had a history of depression. Look at Poe while you're at it.

For whatever reason, creativity and mental disorders go hand in hand.

Comment Re:The reason a "cyber Pearl Harbor" isn't imminen (Score 2) 215

or put the lights into 4-way blinking red mode. ... buy a gun and shoot people as they drive by.

Those two events are not mutually exclusive. Cause the lights to go 4-way red, have people waiting at intersection and start teeing off. Since everyone has come to a halt, people will try to race away but can't because everyone else is trying to race away.

Fish in a barrel and all that.

Comment Pirates will still run rampant (Score -1) 224

"We don't want them to go to torrent sites. Why not give them a legal route?"

Because no matter how low the cost, the number of people who will not pay for the product by using torrents will far exceed the number of people who will pay for the product simply because they can. They're lazy and cheap, expecting everyone else to do the work but not get paid for their effort.

Guaranteed, within 15 minutes of the first download you will be able to get this stuff for free, thus legitimizing the comments from producers the world over about pirates hurting their business and the need for DRM.

Comment Re:he was sort of asking for it (Score 1) 131

If it's acceptable for one country, or two or three, to claim the right of self defense to go after someone who they think might be a threat to them, that country has no right to complain when another country, or group, does the same.

You can't claim you're always being picked on when you're the one doing the bullying.

Comment Should read, "Only part of Chelsea" (Score 3, Informative) 67

Chelsea is much larger than what the article relates. It encompasses the area (roughly) from 9th St (and that weird triangle area with Gansevoort) up to about 28th and from 5th Avenue to 12th (there is a 13th Ave but it's no longer accessible).

As someone further up suggested, Hipster Web.

Comment And still no death penalty for rape (Score 5, Interesting) 436

I've been half-heartedly following this story once I heard the initial reports and what took place was almost, but not quite, as bad as the Indian student who was attacked, raped and beaten on a bus in India and later died.

This girl was, apparently, passed out drunk (she was 16) and while passed out, was raped by at least 2 members of the football. Her limp, violated, body was carried by her arms and legs, all while being recorded and while others stood by and did nothing.

Some people present tweeted what was taking place, some took pictures and one shining example of the human race was recorded for a length of time bragging about how much she was fucked (worse than in the movie Pulp Fiction according to him). No one called the police.

Further, when asked about how he would feel if his daughter was raped (he apparently at the ripe of a late teenager had a daughter) in 10 years, he pontificated that in ten years his daughter would be raped and dead. What a wonderful guy.

While the death penalty cannot undo what was done to someone, we as a society can no longer continue to coddle people who refuse to live with the basic bounds of society. There isn't something new in not raping, murdering, shooting, tealing from, beating or otherwise doing something to someone, and people such as this who have no regard for others do not deserve any sympathy or regard from the rest of society.

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