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Comment Re:Tea (Score 1) 500

I start the day with a cup of hot tea (a pot on weekends) and often end the day with one. From after 11am to before 7pm I often drink iced tea. I'm not English, but a few friends of mine who are say I'm the most English non-Englishman they know. I blame it on sci-fi: Dr Who, Douglas Adams, P. G. Wodehouse (ok not SciFi but it's still great)Arthur Conan Doyle, and the list goes on. Some of the best reading and watching comes from England.

Comment Re:because it's a distraction and dangerous? (Score 2, Insightful) 709

As a punishment the idea works, but a punishment and a deterrent only work if some one gets caught. However, if the first thing on the mind of the driver is respect for the lives of others, them selves, and a desire not to cause harm, than people would not text or phone to start with. The only laws that are work are self enforced because the person enforcing them thinks they are important.

Comment Re:Good Stories = Good Viewing (Score 1) 366

Dr Who and Star Trek are fun. They are still fun if you compress them onto a small screen because most nerds want a sonic screwdriver and a tricorder.. Star Wars was cool in a flash-boom kind of way, but not what I would call Nerdy.

Now Star Trek, Scotty could fix anything, he got to clime around the under belly of the ship, and he had armor in his cabin, but no one thought of him as weird. How many of us dream of being able to talk about what we like without people glazing over.

The Doctor can fix anything with the little buzzey thing. Phone needs jalebroken? zzzzz done. Car needs started? zzzzz done. It's like a tool box in your pocket! Letherman has nothing that good...yet.

Comment Good Stories = Good Viewing (Score 4, Insightful) 366

I could have told them that. My new yard stick for good TV is if it is still worth watching in low res and cut up into 10 min chunks on youtube it's good tv.

Old episodes of Dr Who and Star Trek have held up very well, however Star Wars and Enterprise don't do all that well. The best example I have found of this is Primer, I saw it first on google video and bought it within a week of viewing.

Comment Re:Prius (Score 1) 1141

I have a Fit, and I love it. But you make a good point. A good friend of mine saw my brand new car about a year ago and started raving about how cool the Fit is, he loves how it looks, he loves how the back seat folds up and down, he loves the MPG, he loves the way it handles. What didn't he love? He was well over six feet tall. Me? I'm Five feet six inches (and of Asian decent) the small design fits me very well. The back seat on the other hand fits tall people quite well.

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