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Comment Re:Dumber dumbed-down discourse (Score 1) 1747

Technology and wisdom are not the same thing. Technology is science applied in such a way to preform a task. Wisdom is knowledge applied in such a way as to cause improvement. They are similar, but technology can be used to make things worse, greater wisdom is only an improvement. For example, I could use slashdot to learn more and get a feel for what other people are thinking (wisdom) or I can troll with links to shock sights.

Comment Scrap Parts (Score 1) 408

I will not upgrade my computer until the people I fix computers for tell me they need replacement parts, despite the fact that all they need to is not click any links from e-mail in there spam folder. And despite the fact that I have told them this several times. After they look at me, with that condescending look that says 'if you understood computers you would know that my computer is just too old' and say "Yes, but if I don't click the link I won't know if it's real or not," After that happens then I will scavenge parts from all of their 'too old' computers and build something that is way better than anything available last year. So, my upgrades are on an accelerated schedule.

Comment redirection (Score 1) 735

A quick remote login to redirect to a static "We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by" page. Then fix it on the next work day.

Or an agreement for comp-time or $xxx.xx for work outside of normal work hours.

Comment Re:Crossing the Streams (Score 0, Troll) 324

It's like the pitcher in the batting cage throwing balls at the other pitcher to see if he gets mad. Then in the real game he dose not throw baseballs, but zip lock bags full of backing soda, because the other pitcher is throwing newspapers, and if you hit a flying newspaper with a bag of backing soda fried chicken falls from the sky. But only on days of the month that are prime numbed. Because in real life the pitcher in the batting cage would also have sack of tomatoes to snack on after he strikes out. If the fired chicken hits a tomato then it would create a love quark. And if you get enough love quarks then you can make a small black hole that will suck up the whole of everything in a matter of a bizzillion years. But you see that's why you have the fried chicken. Black holes hate fried chicken, so if you create a black hole just toss some KFC at it and then it will evaporate into a puff of mashed potatoes. That's why you need a pitcher, to hit the black hole with a chicken wing before it has a chance to fall to the centre of the sun.

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