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Comment What part of this does Ballmer not understand? (Score 3, Interesting) 913

People do not want touch PCs. It's really that simple. Microsoft is trying to move the market in a direction that it doesn't want to move, and the market tends to react negatively to that.

Metro on a desktop PC is fucking awful. It's best used like Windows 7, where you try and pretend that Metro doesn't exist. In that case, why wouldn't I just use Windows 7? It's not much better on a laptop. The UI is just not built to do real work. It's built for phones, and it works fine for that. When I'm trying to do my job, it's something to fight with as it decides that I really didn't want three windows visible at once.

"Windows 8 - almost as good as Windows 7!" isn't much of a marketing slogan.

Comment Re:If it hurts when you do that... (Score 2) 913

In that case, why do I need Windows 8 at all? Windows 7 does the same thing only without the useless Metro bloat.

I love people who talk like you do, with the idea that the signature part of the entire OS is somehow something you can just avoid, or that you should.

The fact is that if you have to avoid Metro to do your work, Metro (and Windows 8 with it) suffer from a rather catastrophic design failure.

Comment Re:Why is this so difficult? (Score 1) 223

I'd surmise (since I'm nothing resembling a sandbox expert) that one of the problems is that the sandbox is built to allow a lot of those "dangerous" activities if the applet is signed and asks for permission to do them. It's not a total block.

When the code to do it is in there somewhere, apparently there's a lot of edge cases to find ways to get to it.

Comment Re:Bad stewardship of Java (Score 1) 223

Oracle has a lot of stuff that uses Java, so I doubt their plan was "totally screw Java up so we can ditch it."

Clearly they need to devote serious expertise to hardening it though, or just take the easy route and kill Java in the browser entirely. That's where these problems are all coming from. It wouldn't even be that hard for them, since it's basically a dying method of doing things in the browser anyway.

Comment Re:It's important to keep up on these things. (Score 1) 228

Now that it's gotten more popular, the malware makers devote more time to making sure their stuff gets around it. The quality of the product hasn't changed so much as the quality of the work being done against it has improved. It's been true of pretty much every such program that gets popular.

MSE still has the upside of not turning computers into boat anchors, unlike Symantec's crap bloatware.

Comment Tests don't really tell us anything (Score 1) 437

The actual test for a web platform is more along the lines of "how many simultaneous requests can this handle while still giving acceptable performance?" It doesn't matter if one of them can deliver one webpage 10ms faster than the other if it's going to fall apart at 50 requests.

It's kind of interesting for academic curiousity that Java's HttpServer class is that awful, but these tests don't tell you anything about real world performance.

Comment Re:Get off the horse, dongleberry (Score 1) 333

If they have to "rewrite the entire game" to add dialog options and some more lines of voice acting, then they're doing it very, very wrong.

Besides, hetero relationships aren't possible with all the companions, so there was no expectation that every single one would be available for same-sex relationships either.

Comment Re:Why would Samsung release RT elsewhere either? (Score 1) 176

We should encourage a healthy ecosystem if that ecosystem is something people actually want.

I don't hear a whole lot of people screaming for Metro and touch desktops, yet Microsoft decided their ecosystem should be based on that. If it died a horrible flaming death, this would be no big loss to PC users everywhere.

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