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Comment Round based system (Score 1) 395

The system should be modified to be round based rather than real-time. 10 seconds per round is long enough that all traders can have equal access regardless of how far they are from the stock exchange, and it is short enough that it won't be a hindrance to long-term investors. A round could spend a couple of seconds executing the trades, then publish the results, add another couple of seconds for communication, and traders will still have six seconds for calculations before the deadline for the next trading round.

This! Best idea I have seen so far - is it yours or has it been researched in more detail and been published somewhere?

Comment Re:SMS for Security (Score 1) 57

How it works for me for example is I log on the online banking site, authenticate with extra-long user-id (which in itself acts as a password), a pin I've memorized, and check a number from a key-list just to log on. If I try to transfer money, they will send an SMS to my phone telling to enter n:th number on my keylist on the online banking site.

This is indeed secure - but a static predistributed key-list is a major pain. You always need to have access to it, before you can do anything. So, you can do Internet banking, but only from home (or where you store your key-list).

Comment Re:Many of the links (Score 1) 196

The good news is that Google has so far left many of the links up.

No, good news would be that Google has completely disregarded any communications. The fact that the word "many" was used rather than "all" means that it is in fact quite bad news.

No, good news would be that Google (and probably all other search engine, who do not show the DCMA requests) had completely followed all requests. There is no better way to show how stupid this whole DCMA business is.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1010

At the very least you should understand the concepts of exponential growth and decay.

Fully agreed! But unfortunately, I think that only 1% (pure speculation, could be also 5% or - more likely - 0.1%) of our population understand those concepts (i.e. are able to see that those concepts are at work even if the question was not mathematically formulated for them). If we now just would get 1% more students leaving the school understanding those concepts every year ...

Comment Re:Florida TB hospital closed too (Score 2) 409

Spain has a robust social security program

Spain is also a fucked up mess. They've spent decades feathering their public services nest and now they're busted. They will spend generations wallowing in servitude to their creditors while public services get cut and cut again.

Spain is a fucked up mess, because of the same reasons the USA is a fucked up mess: A house building bubble. Spanish people got obscene credits (longer than 50 years sometimes) for financing their homes. Most people looked for work in construction as it was booming like hell. The bubble burst and the economy went belly-up.

It has nothing (or close to nothing) to do with public services.

Comment Re:It is like TPS cover sheets. (Score 1) 290

It's really a shame system.

This is one obvious issue. However, my main issue is that such a system fosters competition between employees. I would argue that competition only works well, if the employees do not need to collaborate. Commissions on sales work well, if the employee has an exclusive territory - I would argue that it does not work well, if one employee can snatch the customer from another employee. Sames with those badges etc.

Comment Re:Seems typical, actually. (Score 1, Insightful) 96

Long story short, she kinda had it coming for failing to do due diligence.

Nobody likes lying, and it's pretty hard to defend someone who gets caught telling a lie, but, do you really believe that Yahoo hired Scott Thompson because they thought he had a CS degree, from 1979, from some tiny college that nobody has heard of?

No, but do you want a CEO (who is also responsible for all employees) who lied in his CV and got caught? Isn't this lie "unethical" behavior and cannot be tolerated in a public company?


Video Viewfinity CEO Says Many Computer Users Are Overprivileged (Video) Screenshot-sm 95

This isn't about your place in society, but about user privileges on your computers and computer networks. The more privileges, the more risk of getting hacked and having Bad People do Bad Things to your company's computers, right? So Leonid Shtilman's company, Viewfinity, offers SaaS that helps you grant system privileges in a more granular manner than just allowing "root" and "user" accounts with nothing in between.

Comment Re:Sanity vs. politically motivated scaremongering (Score 1, Insightful) 267

Risk is damage * incidence. A high damage event with low incidence can be lower risk than a low damage event with high incidence. This is in fact the case when we compare nuclear with coal power.

This is correct. The problem is that apparently we cannot give concrete figures (in dollars) for "damage" nor for the likelihood "incidence" - otherwise it should be possible to get an insurance policy for nuclear power plants, or did I miss something obvious?

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