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Comment Re:Cancer isn't one disease (Score 2, Insightful) 366

Genes just need a digital checksum - get on it!

That would indeed be an effective means to stop cancers and some other diseases, but comes with a rather noteworthy side effect. It also brings human evolution to a halt.

In the medium term (many generations) the percentages for the various existing checksummed genes will shift, but no new genes will enter the gene pool. And in the long term it becomes a statistical certainty that one particular variant of each gene will eventually reach 100% in the population. At that point the entire human population would be genetically identical, identical "clones". The only remaining variation is that there would be male-clones and female-clones.

(For this discussion I am setting aside the potential matter of human genetic engineering creating babies with experimental new genes. That's a rather thorny issue, and it doesn't contradict my original point that natural evolution of humans would halt.)


Comment Re:Cancer isn't one disease (Score 1) 366

Would you also say all infections be categorized as one disease? Cholera, syphilis, anthrax, leprosy, bubonic plague, tuberculosis, strep, tetanus, typhoid fever, diphtheria, chlamydia...

it's just the pathological replication of bacteria in the body. Yes, different types of bacteria may have different behaviors, although they also all have a litany of identical behaviors. Yes, it's a fruitful avenue of research to treat different infection types with different methods. But that doesn't mean we should stop looking for broader methods than can treat multiple different kinds of infections based on their numerous shared characteristics. The meme that "infection is a whole spectrum of diseases" is just that, a meme. Researchers who recite that meme don't believe it literally. They do have a much more nuanced perspective on infection. But they use that meme in an attempt to deflate journalists' and lay people's expectations about infection research. And then people echo that meme in an attempt to sound knowledgable and up-to-date.

The "pathological replication of cells (human cells or bacterial cells) in the body" is a pretty generic problem. When the particular cells involved are quite diverse, when the mechanisms and processes and behaviors involved are quite diverse, it seems to me approximately equivalent to categorize various infections and various cancers as different diseases.

If you're going to classify either cancers or infections as a single disease, it maybe seems more reasonable to classify infections as a single disease. At least in that case you have the common target that they are all non-human cells, making it vastly easier to find a single drug or treatment that effectively targets them all. There's no common target in cancers because cancer cells are nothing more than broken human cells, and they are all broken in different ways.


Comment Re:Bad call (Score 1) 611

You cannot believe some of our Lord's teachings and ignore others ... it's all a part of the complete package and you cannot believe only what is convenient for you. Please reconsider your stance on evolution before it's too late, or you will have all eternity to consider your foolishness as you rot in the pit.

That's why I don't wear poly-cotton underwear, no mixed-fiber clothing for me, no-sir-ee.
And I don't have kids, but if I ever do they damn well better be sufficiently respectful or I'll stone them to death.


Comment Massively overblown issue? (Score 4, Insightful) 135

Encrypting the data certainly isn't a bad idea, but unless I'm missing something here, encrypting the data is nothing more than a lame case of security through obscurity. If the browser stores the data encrypted, then the browser also needs to store the KEY to re-open the file. If someone can get a hold of the file, then they can also get a hold of the key to decrypt that file.

If there's a security problem here, it's the Restore Session functionality itself. Perhaps secure sessions shouldn't be restorable?


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