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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is it morally/ethically wrong to ask people to "like" a product? 1

ourlovecanlastforeve writes: Many of the tech blogs I read will sometimes feature a sweepstakes where you can win an iPad, an Android tablet or some other toy or gadget by "liking" them on Facebook or otherwise promoting them in a way that you normally would not do if you weren't trying to win something. Is it morally or ethically wrong for those people to do so? If you're clicking a button that indicates you like something but you really don't care for it, are you lying for personal gain? If so, is the company behind the sweepstakes asking you to lie to promote their product?

Comment I'm kind of over incremental upgrades (Score 1) 341

I don't really need to see TV in any higher resolution. Really it's just an incremental spec bump so Sony can release a new TV that everyone is supposed to buy, then they can release a new media standard which everyone is supposed to buy, then Sony makes a gobfuck of money and I die a little bit more inside.

Comment Netfli-- (Score 1) 479

The problem I have with Netflix is that nearly every show I want to watch doesn't have all the seasons. I like to watch serial programs, so I get about half or two-thirds through the program and find that the last one or two seasons is missing, so I'm stuck with pirating the last episodes if I want to see the rest of the show.

Comment Re:I took his AI class (Score 1) 339

I think the idea here is to give people who don't have $100,000 lying around the opportunity to hold that piece of paper in their hand so they don't get rejected for jobs by uppity hiring managers with old money degrees.

I fit into a demographic where I make too much money to get financial aid but not enough to go to school and pay all my bills. It's a paradox because I can't get promoted without a degree but I can't get a degree without making more money.

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