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Role Playing (Games)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for November 2011 231

Bethesda took advantage of the Video Game Awards this weekend to announce the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series, titled Skyrim. The game is planned for November 2011, and a teaser trailer has been posted on the Elder Scrolls website. Details are sparse, though the game will apparently run on an "all-new" engine.

Comment Re:my wishlist (Score 1) 159

3. "Nice" for bandwidth. It would be great if there was a command similar to "nice", which acts not on cpu-cycles but instead on bandwidth.

This one is since a long time in my wishlist too.
Some tc and iptables magic can realize this (traffic shaping), but the nice/renice metaphor would be easier and make more sense.

Comment I bashed wine in the past, but 1.2 is pretty good (Score 1) 427

I bashed wine quite a bit in the past, but I admit that 1.2 is a pretty good release.

I follow the wine project and source code daily,
I have my own patches to fix problems with multiple apps that do not work out of the box,
and I still think there are serious problems with how the project is managed.

But I admit that there is progress, and 1.2 could be a good starting point for people that never really tried wine out in the past.

Comment Re:Still waiting on the BioWare / Illusion merger. (Score 1) 183

yeah, I don't like the whole "appease the party" metagame.
The stat increases basically force you into doing it, but I hated every second of it.

But that's not the only thing I disliked about the game.
I had great hopes for it, watched the forums regularly and preordered.

But the "dating sim" aspect, the bland spellcasting (spells too balanced, too similar, too uninteresting compared to the unbalanced but FUN AD&D ones), and excessive huge fights with countless enemies and frustrating camera controls meant that I abandoned it quite soon without finishing it.

Comment I thank the Lord each day.. for the Apocalypse (Score 3, Funny) 799

The population is greatly decreased,
and now the odds are greatly increased,
that I may someday get a chance
to kiss your lips.

I thank the Lord each day,
for the Apocalypse.

Folks are mostly disfigured or dead,
but sugar I won't let it go to my head

My Mammas face has dripped down into the dirt,
but I'm still chasing chittlins, whiskey and skirt.

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