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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Trusted Computing for Mac OS X

SiliconEntity writes: Amit Singh, author of Mac OS X Internals, has released software to allow Mac users to access the TPM chip and use it to store keys and sensitive data. He also puts to rest certain myths:

'The media has been discussing "Apple's use of TPM" for a long time now. There have been numerous reports of system attackers bypassing "Apple's TPM protection" and finding "Apple's TPM keys." Nevertheless, it is important to note that Apple does not use the TPM. If you have a TPM-equipped Macintosh computer, you can use the TPM for its intended purpose, with no side effect on the normal working of Mac OS X.'

In fact he goes on to say:

'At the time of this writing (October 2006), the newest Apple computer models, such as the MacPro and the revised MacBook Pro, do not contain an onboard TPM.'

Note to the editors, this myth is extremely pervasive and Slashdot would be doing a real service by publicizing the true facts about Apple's non-use of the TPM chip.

Submission + - November is Month of Kernel Bugs

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this summer, HD Moore made headlines with his "Month of Browser Bugs" project, where he highlighted a previously undocumented bug in a different browser each day with proof-of-concept code. Today, we saw the first in a similar series targeting unpatched kernel-level flaws, with the first example being yet another vulnerability in the wireless drivers on certain Apple Mac systems (unlike the Browserfun project, Kernelfun is being run by a different security researcher, and HD is contributing a handful of kernel bugs to the project.) The Washington Post's Security Fix blog says we can expect probably 5 more kernel level exploits in OS X to be detailed this month, and includes a Q&A with answers to some of the finer points of the exploit released today, which has already been rolled into Metasploit 3.0.
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Frozen Bubble 2.0 is out!

Bob writes: Timothy will surely be happy to know that Frozen Bubble 2.0 is out now! What as changed? A network mode, builded the right way : Its centralized mode allows you to play on ANY server worldwide. Check it out now on the official website. By the way, there's now a mode with up to five players fighting for bubbles

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