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Comment Re:so... just don't use them? (Score 1) 165

On an unrelated note I was banned from school computters in grade 6 thru 8 (highscool starts in gr 9 here) for "hacking".

Sounds like a fun story. Care to share the details?

I never had any problems like that - but I'm sure a good part of that was, being a rural school, the 4 staff who knew anything about computers thought well of me.

Comment Re:Just move your hands (Score 1) 165

I'll take a stab at it and mention... it sounds like you did not learn traditional typing (home row and all that). I do the same thing you do, and I find I can adapt quickly to impairment of any of my fingers without any thought. Those that I know who learned "proper" typing seem to have a harder time with that.

I should mention that typing doesn't really bother my hands at all, though I do get some forearm fatigue after an extended period of typing. What really bothers my hand(s) are mice. I switch hands, but I still end up with fatigue/aches when using the damn things.

Comment so... just don't use them? (Score 4, Insightful) 165

I almost never use my ring or pinky while typing, on either side.

Just type so that it feels natural to you. Nothing forces you to use any specific fingers.

Because I learned to type in such a "natural" form, instead of learning home rows and specific zones for each finger, I find I can easily adapt to different typing positions and injuries. Eg, if my index finger on either hand had a cut on it, it only takes a few minutes for me to adjust and type at a near full speed without that finger.

While I'm not the -fastest- typer around, I still type pretty damn fast and with little fatigue.

Comment Re:Remove keys from ignition? (Score 1) 1176

I've never understood why cars and the like don't have fuel cut-off mechanisms available to the driver.

The few boats I've been on had - they was a tag/cord you could yank, and when done it would physically block the fuel line.

I could see this as being one of the first things that could be done after a major accident. Yank the handle, chances of a fire shoot right down.

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