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Comment Re:Does it give you a position on the globe? (Score 1) 298

No, the GPS "system" gives you coordinates. It has nothing to do with a map and the map is entirely optional.

For navigational purposes, it's a necessary option, but it's not a component of the system. The system is the satellite constellation, radio protocols, and associated algorithms. The system's output is your coordinate information - which as I said on it's own means nothing. You need a map to coordinate with, or another set of coordinates to do relational comparisons.

Comment Re:Not GPS (Score 1) 298

However, military aircraft have all sorts of other sensors and are generally not worn on a person's wrist. They also sit on the runway for 15 minutes spinning up gyros and aligning said INS systems... and they still have drift and need external correction from GPS systems or the like during flight.

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