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Comment Re:It's just like JavaScript or NoSQL. (Score 1) 268

It's not really the camera - just like the US landing - the live picture looked like crap, but the images captured directly and brought back on film were fantastic.

It's the transmission bandwidth - that you have to share with telemetry. Also recall that you don't have a 4ghz CPU core up there to nicely digitize it with an efficient codec - it's hard to cool things up there.

Comment Re:PDroid (Score 1) 324

Even with root, the phone will prompt you every time an app wants super user access.

Nope. That is entirely up to the 'su' binary on your device. On mine, rooting simply meant I was able to alter things. It wasn't until I replaced the 'su' binary that I was able to effectively run things superuser, and the replacement binary (chainfire's supersu, incidentally) does the prompting.

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