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Comment Re:Good geeks? (Score 1) 388

Following that same logic, all our ancestors were evil, because knapping flint knives was pure evil, right there - since they undoubtedly allowed countless other cavemen to be killed. Nevermind all that other good stuff toolmaking was used for and resulted in.

Comment Re:Compare the Right Stats (Score 1) 375

It didn't just run over something. It ran over something with just the right angle, allowing it to punch a 2" hole in a 1/4" steel plate. That's not a fucking pothole, and it would have mangled any other car just as badly. The other one involved driving through a concrete barricade. Enough said about that one.

Stop trying to downplay these accidents, because they were not minor.

Comment Re:This is truly not a big deal (Score 1) 375

We have three fires. I know one was the result of running over steel debris at highway speed as it fell off a truck in front of the car. I also know the one in Mexico involved driving through a concrete barricade and landing amidst some trees.

It's not like these things are just... catching fire for no reason or because of a rough bump in a parking lot.

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