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Comment Re:Liveleak (Score 1) 508

Just so you all know, you can just put up the hash of the torrent (and at least one tracker URL) as well. The DHT (distributed hash table) can be used to work the torrent without you needing to grab the torrent file itself from anywhere. This is how magnet links work.

Note you will STILL need trackers unless you (and others) use a client that supports trackerless communications.

Comment Re:Take it public (Score 2) 266

Not to say you're wrong, but would it really have been so hard for them to reply asking for details? Simply closing it without even a response is not appropriate, even if it is a useless report.

As someone else said, if it was publicly viewable it was not an appropriate place to put the details. Perhaps he should have offered them (I have reproducibility details, please contact me) but really, the onus for that was on them and not him.

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