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Comment Re:USENET? (Score 1) 534

I think you might be underestimating how much of a liability this could be on a child in 10-15 years. Think about those folks who "don't know nothing about those computers" - it's only going to get worse. Would you want to force that on your progeny just to make your job as a parent easier?

Now I'm not trying to trivialize physical or emotional abuse - don't get me wrong. I would argue this is intellectual abuse however, and it all falls under the same "abuse" umbrella.

Comment Re:B effing S (Score 1) 136

but it's impossible for you to actually show it happening

That's because it takes orders of magnitude than a human being lives, dumbass! Would you deny continental drift because you can't see it happening? Grass grows too slowly to be seen by the naked eye, so while we're at it you can deny that grass grows, too.

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