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Comment Re:quick key repetition (Score 1) 207

The CA cannot decrypt data encrypted with a key they signed. All they can do is sign the public key - the private key remains in the control of whoever runs the server using it.

Granted, a CA could (by policy) require you to give them the key... but my response to them would consist of my saying "eat shit and die."

Comment Korean version of 'Angry Birds.' (Score 1) 125

Among several foreign software packages on the tablet is a Korean version of 'Angry Birds.' The game's maker, Rovio, didn't respond to requests for comment on its inclusion in a North Korean tablet.

That's because it's counterfeit, you fool! Look at the photo. It's clearly a hackjob. Pay particular attention to the failure to properly use an alpha channel around elements on the screen.

Comment Re:Hrm. (Score 1) 203

How long did you try? I assume you got to play with traits, and noticed that different weapons conferred different skills to the various classes.

As well, the engineer might be up your alley as well as they can (as some of their skills) equip "kits" which give you whole other sets of skills.

I'm running around with a freaking flamethrower!

Another one to look at is the elementalist. The skills you have to work with change based on what element you have active, and what weapon(s) you have equipped.

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