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Comment Re:Toy? (Score 1) 479

No. Their predecessors like the old Chinese Hand-Cannon were designed for killing and destroying. I won't argue that. However, target rifles for example, have evolved from that base goal.

As well they are not necessarily destroying targets either. For example, these which the projectile only makes noise and some motion.

I'm sorry that your only experience with firearms has involved killing, or that your only firearms experience is that which has been fed to you by the TV.

Comment Re:you know hell has frozen over (Score 1) 531

... and let's not forget that the whole point of the amendment is to make sure that citizens can defend the country if the government is not able to, as well as resist the government if necessary.

This threat is basically the final enforcement option of the constitution. Without something like that, it might as well have been written on toilet paper.

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