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Comment Re:Hey! (Score 2) 277

It's irresponsible to shoot them anywhere near the head. BSE prions only exist in CNS tissues. By shooting them in the head you run a risk of contaminating the rest of the animal.

Proper slaughter involves using a non-penetrating stunner to daze the animal, at which point you haul it up on it's rear legs and sever the cranial arteries.

Any other method is either more cruel, or risky.

Comment Re:How about shrimp? (Score 1) 277

Why would they have meat in the abdomen? There's nothing in there that requires musculature. Hell some arthropods (namely spiders) don't even -have- musculature, they use hydraulic pressure!

The muscles would primarily be in the thorax where the legs and wings join, in the legs, and in the head (to support the mandibles)

Comment Re:Steve jobs says: (Score 1) 311

I've tried to find some auto parts places before, and Google Maps didn't differentiate the local warehouses from actual places of business.

Fortunately I was intelligent enough to realize that what looks like a warehouse and doesn't have much parking (and tons of truck docks) was in fact a warehouse, and not your local NAPA parts store...

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