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Comment Re:you're victim-blaming as well. (Score 1) 413

"I hate seeing cyclists on the road! roads are too dangerous for bikes, period."

That one doesn't seem to fit - he's pointing out that riding a bike on a road is dangerous, not assigning blame. I totally agree, it is dangerous. Please do not try to tell me that riding two wheels connected by 40lb of metal sticks at 20mph on the same path used by multi-ton vehicles going 50mph is not dangerous.

Comment Re:Geotag those military bases! (Score 1) 976

Let me clue you in on something.

You're at a checkpoint. There's a guy in the crowd who is clearly got something bad planned. You can do nothing, because he is "not a threat."

The guy whips out a gun and sprays the checkpoint. Several of your guys get injured. You can do nothing, because he is in a crowd of innocents. He runs into a building and drops the gun. He then walks into the street. You can do nothing. Why? Because he is "not a threat" anymore.

Our rules of engagement are over-the-top in trying to protect against collateral damage. I'm no soldier myself, but I got to listen to three of them bemoaning about this situation - a corpsman, a SIGINT guy, and a guy who's position was unclear to me but was in charge of 20 infantry.

Yet you still have people like you, who think we mow down dozens of children at a time, just for giggles.

Comment Re:Geotag those military bases! (Score 3, Interesting) 976

Clicking a few at random, they all seem relatively justified.

Suspect refuses to drop knife. Suspect gets up and approaches officers - suspect gets shot.
Suspect hiding in a drainage pipe. Suspect is belligerent, and aims gun at officers - suspect gets shot.
Suspect escapes from handcuffs and aims gun at officers - suspect gets shot.
Suspect drives car aggressively towards officers - suspect gets shot.

Notice a theme, here? Most of these involve the suspect threatening imminent harm or death to the officers, so they respond with force.

This proves nothing beyond the fact that the USA is a large and diverse country.

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