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Comment Re:I get what he's saying here (Score 2) 438

They did a very good job with the sound, definitly gotta give them credit with that - everything from the lack of sounds for things you typically see presented with sound, to the sounds transduced through the suit (eg listen closely while they are working on the Hubble in the beginning).

I was also impressed with the little spurting noises from the maneuvering thrusters on the (Russian vehicle and the Chinese copy that I just for some reason cannot name at the moment).

Comment Re:my wife works as a medical technician (Score 1) 699

When they gave it to me when I was little, it literally almost killed me. I'm a carrier*. If I were to receive an MMR again it would likely render me extraordinarily ill. She's probably seen the same thing, except in that case the child didn't survive.

* - this means from my understanding that the virus is prevalent in my system but is dormant/inactive. it does not shed, so I am not contagious, but a high dose of whatever it is exactly in that vaccine will "jump-start" it, leading to a massive infection everywhere all at once. Bad juju.

All of this has absolutely nothing with autism though, nor does it have anything to do with the vaccine itself.

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