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Comment Re:Impaired Driving Abilities? (Score 1) 638

2 seconds!? Do you have a disease or disability? I can sit with a stopwatch (yes, so I'm already multitasking with that) and I can get useful information while only having my eyes diverted for1/2 of a second typically - sometimes shorter if I only need to catch the shape of something (eg the turn direction indicator)

It's more dangerous to reach over and adjust the stereo volume!

Also, at 70mph, you better not be anywhere near houses. 50 feet (1/2 second) is peanuts compared to stopping or maneuvering distance. If something happens close enough that that matters, you're going to roll your car avoiding it or hit it anyway while (ineffectually) stopping.

Comment Re:Civil Liberties Issues? (Score 1) 210

I have seen high speed chases where the driver was executing maneuvers in such a way... he/she clearly was not only in charge of all their faculties, but calm.

Seriously - we're talking about multiple spin recoveries (after PIT maneuver attempts) in a row. Car started to spin, they spun into it and completely around and kept on going - didn't even veer off course.

Eventually it was a mechanical failure that stopped the chase - one of the tires finally had enough and blew.

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