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Comment Re:Impaired Driving Abilities? (Score 1) 638

2 seconds!? Do you have a disease or disability? I can sit with a stopwatch (yes, so I'm already multitasking with that) and I can get useful information while only having my eyes diverted for1/2 of a second typically - sometimes shorter if I only need to catch the shape of something (eg the turn direction indicator)

It's more dangerous to reach over and adjust the stereo volume!

Also, at 70mph, you better not be anywhere near houses. 50 feet (1/2 second) is peanuts compared to stopping or maneuvering distance. If something happens close enough that that matters, you're going to roll your car avoiding it or hit it anyway while (ineffectually) stopping.

Comment Re:Civil Liberties Issues? (Score 1) 210

I have seen high speed chases where the driver was executing maneuvers in such a way... he/she clearly was not only in charge of all their faculties, but calm.

Seriously - we're talking about multiple spin recoveries (after PIT maneuver attempts) in a row. Car started to spin, they spun into it and completely around and kept on going - didn't even veer off course.

Eventually it was a mechanical failure that stopped the chase - one of the tires finally had enough and blew.

Comment Re:Wearing Glass was the third violation on ticket (Score 1) 638

This has always bugged me. There are some stretches of highway/roads where you don't see another sign for miles, and if you just turned onto it you've no hope at all. To make matters worse, some counties around here set different "default" limits so you can't even make a safe guess on context!

Speed limit signs should be posted at every entrance to the road and major intersection. They don't need to be prominent - perhaps even only visible to those entering/turning onto said road.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 638

Autofocus? I didn't realize we had bionic eyes yet. Maybe I'm special or you're defective, but I don't have any problems switching focus between near and far when something is masking/overlayed over my vision. Hell I can do it with either eye with equal ease!

Comment Re:Impaired Driving Abilities? (Score 1) 638

I can't stand the voice prompting, and it always gets turned off immediatly. I don't need to be told a dozen times to keep right, I surmised that by the fact that I'm turning right in 2 miles and all the road signs indicate the exit for this is on the right. I don't stare at the GPS either, a quick glance is all that is needed - and my field of vision is wide enough that I can still see the road ahead of me when I do so (albeit not with the same detail of course)

Just because it CAN be displaying something completely irrelevant doesn't mean it is. I feel the same way about phones - prove it before you write the ticket. Pulling them over for a warning/check is entirely fine, but don't write that damn ticket unless you know.

Comment Re:Impaired Driving Abilities? (Score 1) 638

I don't need my GPS, but I use it all the time. Why? Because it gives me a relatively accurate ETA, and if I have to deviate off course, it immediately adapts to this - where I might otherwise get completely lost. Sure, I'm smart enough to be able to figure out which relative direction I'm moving in, but that won't tell me that the neighborhood I'm driving through doesn't connect to the road I expect to be on the other side.

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