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Comment Re:Why WiFi (Score 0) 151

The plane has a data connection. You get access to a data connection via the on-board wifi.

You don't see a connection between the two? Let me fill it in for you: they share the same path outside the plane.

Note that this data connection isn't required for the plane to continue flying, but I don't know how it's used by in-cockpit warning or navigational stuff.

Comment Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 1) 790

It would be interesting to compare two large files of raster image data that happen to have a sha256 collision or the like. Given the additional constraints on the data format, that may not actually be possible (you could have collisions theoretically, but what are the chances of the data resulting in the collision being a valid image file?)

Comment Re:Desired lethality? (Score 2) 140

Hmm, so if your target was someone who has been killing innocent people, and the three choices for you were:
1. Ignore it and hope the target just decides to stop
2. Go in with ground force, with all the casualties on both sides that would result
3. Drop a bomb to wipe out the threat with as little casualties as possible

You're telling me #3 isn't the better choice here? Because it is... and because it is, that's what happens. When it happens, are you trying to say you'd rather we drop fuel-air bombs in crowded neighborhoods instead of precision munitions? Because I have to say the controlled destruction is just a teensy bit better than blowing the whole neighborhood to shit...

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