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Comment Re:B effing S (Score 1) 136

but it's impossible for you to actually show it happening

That's because it takes orders of magnitude than a human being lives, dumbass! Would you deny continental drift because you can't see it happening? Grass grows too slowly to be seen by the naked eye, so while we're at it you can deny that grass grows, too.

Comment Re:maintenance (Score 1) 195

"Don't normally" means that it's usually done correctly during write but not always. That it is even an option (and yes I've had to use it) means the filesystem does benefit from it. This has been around since ext2 and remains in ext4, so I don't understand what that has to do with it either.

Comment Re:maintenance (Score 1) 195

You mean like everyone running Windows, as well as anything using an ext filesystem?

From e2fsck:
              -D Optimize directories in filesystem. This option causes e2fsck
                    to try to optimize all directories, either by reindexing them if
                    the filesystem supports directory indexing, or by sorting and
                    compressing directories for smaller directories, or for filesys-
                    tems using traditional linear directories.

                    Even without the -D option, e2fsck may sometimes optimize a few
                    directories --- for example, if directory indexing is enabled
                    and a directory is not indexed and would benefit from being
                    indexed, or if the index structures are corrupted and need to be
                    rebuilt. The -D option forces all directories in the filesystem
                    to be optimized. This can sometimes make them a little smaller
                    and slightly faster to search, but in practice, you should
                    rarely need to use this option.

                    The -D option will detect directory entries with duplicate names
                    in a single directory, which e2fsck normally does not enforce
                    for performance reasons.

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