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Comment Re:Space travel (Score 1) 357

We already know the -idea- works - cooling the body down extends the amount of working time on the table.

It will be interesting if this technique works as they expect. I'd think the hardest part is keeping the blood viable once "replaced" and not causing problems during the swap due to chemistry changes (eg different/reduced energy/waste/oxygen exchange)

Do the swap fast enough and that's not a problem - but try to do it too quickly and you're going to cause a lot of damage.

Comment Re:how calculus? (Score 1) 107

What's not calculus about that? You approximate the result and further refine it with additional data/time. With even more practice, you certainly CAN see where it's going to land (barring interference by another force, such as wind).

We are quite good at this. How do you think things like hitting moving targets with arrows happens?

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