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Comment Re:Officer dickhead is a dickhead. (Score 1) 1440

Maybe I'm just good at leaving enough attention where it should be that I notice things, even while somewhat focused on something.

Maybe it's all that gaming or simulating. While you're focused on the now etc, you have to maintain situational awareness and be alert for changes/danger. Or maybe it's that I respect dangerous things and realize that piloting a 3000lb machine is dangerous and afford the attention it deserves, even when divided. It takes priority.

Comment Re:A law for everyone (Score 1) 1440

Radios in general are excluded from such things - provided they don't have a keypad on the microphone. Police probably don't have that gotcha though. I have seen an officer (trying) using the computer in motion before. He was... having trouble maintaining his lane. In general though yes, they will wait until they are stopped or in the worst case call in and check it over the radio.

Comment Re:Officer dickhead is a dickhead. (Score 1) 1440

... and why should one stop their engine unnecessarily? Waste of gas and wear on the starter - and a complete fucking waste of time when all you need to do is push 3 buttons (route, address book, destination).

That said I do have a problem with people texting, browsing the web (seriously, I've seen it) or perhaps typing a GPS destination in by hand. But selecting a saved destination? Would you argue that people should pull over and stop the engine to change radio station? Because that's the same level of distraction.

Comment Re:Officer dickhead is a dickhead. (Score 1) 1440

I just don't understand how people have such tunnel vision. I have no problem noticing movement or light changes (or indeed anything changing around me in a somewhat mast manner) even when I'm looking down by my feet. How do they not notice movement? Are my eyes unusual? When it comes to movement and other sudden changes (eg light change) I have an effective field of view slightly beyond 180 degrees. ... and I do wear glasses so that's not an excuse.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 183

In which case why don't you start with the one closer to what you want?

I'd rather install Mint and rip out the, well, three things or so I don't want, then try to do the same thing with Ubuntu and find out that "ubuntu-desktop" DEPENDS on $RANDOM_BULLSHIT_I_DONT_WANT and has no reason for being an absolute dependency instead of a suggestion or recommendation.

That I have to use equivs or remove the metapackage and stay on top of updates manually is... dumb. Incredibly, ridiculously dumb.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 183

First, I would choose Ubuntu over any other desktop "out-of-the-box" distributions because Canonical with Ubuntu is the only one that is trying a new design.

I don't use Ubuntu. I don't use Windows 8. Why? Because they are doing that, and I want no part of it.

Do not want.

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