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Comment Re:I can appreciate this as I watched my father di (Score 1, Interesting) 351

I don't have much to say in regards to conjecture about what he saw (or did not see) but I am sorry for your loss, and it is good that you were there to be with him for it and I thank you for not (based on what you said anyway) being selfish and refusing to let go. If only more people could do that.

I watched my grandfather refuse to let my grandmother go. Her passing took a full week, and it was painful. If he had let her go, it would have been quick and quiet.

Comment Re:Capital punishment (Score 1) 351

Yes, you certainly have digressed. Fictional origin of the quote aside, I would agree with you (and said character). If you believe it acceptable, you should be willing to carry it out yourself.

I would be. You seem to forget how seriously such cases are weighed. Courts do not take a flippant attitude when it comes to execution. We don't live in medieval France anymore.

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