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Comment Put the kill burden on developers? (Score 1) 374

Lately I've been toying with the theory that IE6 is still alive because of circular logic. Specifically, that MS doesn't want to try and kill IE6 because people keep using it, and people keep using it because it hasn't been killed yet (and are too lazy/computer illiterate to switch to IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Konqueror, etc etc etc). Under that theory, the burden of killing that damned browser then falls to developers (such as the people behind youtube.com) to say 'No more IE6, we're tired of having to code IE6 compatibility hacks in.' If enough developers took that particular leap, then the userbase's adoption of better (or at least more recently developed) browsers would be accellerated to the point where Microsoft could look at the market's usage statistics and finally say 'okay, we're letting IE6 die.'

Comment Re:Talk about getting your facts right! (Score 1) 216

There's one right in the review: World's first cryptographic thriller? Has he never heard of Cryptonomicon?

If we expand our view to other media, such as movies, then Mercury Rising would also definitely help boot this from the 'world first' spot.

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