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Comment Road statistics? (Score 1) 531

It seems to me that on many of the newer cars I can hear tire noise before I can hear the engine at low speeds. I really would like to see the hybrid and non hybrid accident statistics of two civics. I think that the whole engine noise thing is grasping at a reason why some one gets killed rather than the usual reasons, but I have seen no real proof either way.

Comment Changeover. (Score 1) 431

Not really an option for a renter. We get fewer channels now and have used the TV mostly for DVD playing. Reception wasn't even consistent between the converter box and the new HDTV.

Not that it is a big deal to me over all. Really, I was more annoyed with the 3 months or whatever where the deadline was pushed back and having to try to tune the HDTV again because half of the stations used one deadline and half the other.

Comment Filtering. (Score 1) 333

The emerging multiple layers of filtering that is disturbing to me. An artist has an idea, it is then edited and tweaked by the publisher, it then is edited and tweaked by Walmart/Apple/Whoever. Use a search engine, and you have a nontransparent filter that makes choices for you like Google and Bing that give you press releases from BP/the government and others.

Comment Re:Look for the upside (Score 1) 460

(but, oh, man, tang and microwave ovens made it sooo worth it!).

Tang, like the Fisher space pen, were not made by NASA, they just had great product placement. Kind of like the Olympics didn't develop any of their official drinks, shirts etc. The microwave ovens, I have no idea what your connection is suppose to be.

Comment Re:Bogolights are also good ... (Score 2, Insightful) 222

They look better thought out than the light bulb shaped N100 LED bulbs. The solar panels on the N100 are pointed in such a way that only half of them could be put even approximately facing the sun and are pointed down at a steep angle if hung up to charge. I would rather be able to aim the solar panel. Over all it looks like the N100 looks like it was designed by marketing, those Boglights seem a bit better thought out.

Comment Re:Xfinity equals... (Score 1) 356

Mod parent up.

It seems that you can have one or the other. The lack of competition means that as long as they do the absolute minimum, people will pay for the only option available. The FCC, which never should have been allowed outside of the airwaves, seem more concerned about trying to censor things than creating a competitive market. I live in metropolitan area with main population of 479,000. We have the choice of Comcast cable, or high speed over the phone. Because the wiring is so old for phone in my apartment, that means cable only.

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