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Comment Re:Good for pre-teens, but not older (Score 2, Insightful) 607

At 12 I was biking to work, a carnival type job and legal. Preteen. Really you have to know your child, but I also think you have to prepare them. For some I think those the do the former, would not do the latter. And those that would track their child, wouldn't care to teach them to take care of themselves. I don't know what the cut off should be, but either they should have direct supervision in a safe environment, limited freedom, or full freedom. A lot can happen when you are looking up the child's location on the computer.

It reminds me of dog owners. A leash is less necessary for a well trained dog, than one that hasn't received it.

Comment propaganda (Score 1) 375

"If I can't remove the propaganda, I won't watch it at all, and I won't let my kid watch it."

You can remove the beginning commercials, but with product placement and other methods, you will still have propaganda. Splitting hairs, I know, either that or you really research your movies.

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