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Comment Re:SMS via keyboard (Score 1) 172

Well right, but the sent messages won't have a "return number" of my normal SMS phone number for the recipient to reply tol they'll go to my gmail inbox instead and show up as emails.

What I really want is a totally transparent way to text from a PC. When the recipient gets the message, it looks like it came from my phone. When they reply, it's delivered to my phone (as well as to the web-based chat).

Thank you though! Maybe I can make it work.

Comment SMS via keyboard (Score 1) 172

The ONLY reason I use Google Voice is that it allows me to easily send and receive SMS messages via a web interface. Who the hell wants to type out messages on a cell phone when you can do it on a full keyboard, without messing with your phone.

If I could do that with my real T-Mobile number, via some T-Mobile web interface, I'd use that instead. Why the hell isn't that an easy thing to do? SMS via website?

Comment Re:Finding out whose phone number it is (Score 1) 419

Running the check against the phone book would be *illegal*. Of course they have the capability, it's a matter of legality/whether they're allowed to do so or not.

Rather like cops have the ability to kill people whenever they want, but we don't let them because it's illegal.

Submission + - Sony Announces PlayStation 4 with Significantly More Powerful Graphics Engine (hothardware.com) 1

MojoKid writes: Now that we have system specs from both the PS4 and Xbox One, we can compare the two and see which console is better equipped for the future. A similar CPU is found in both consoles. The PS4 wields a custom low-power x86-64 AMD Jaguar chip with eight physical processing cores, and the same is true of the Xbox One. In this category, it's essentially wash, though the PS4 leaps ahead when looking at the other specs. Of most interest are the GPU and RAM, as these are primarily gaming devices, after all. The Xbox One's GPU is similar to a Radeon 7790, offering 68GB/s of bandwidth to a local 32MB SRAM memory cache, plus another 30GB/s of bandwidth to game controllers and peripherals like the Kinect. It also has 8GB of DDR3 system memory. The GPU in the PS4 offers similar performance to a Radeon 7870, which is quite a bit more powerful than the 7790. It's also aided by 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM and thus able to offer 176GB/s of bandwidth to the CPU and GPU. The advantage here clearly lies with Sony.

Comment Re:Well there ya go (Score 1) 496

(a) Sorry, no. Registration does not affect your rights/ability to own or shoot a gun UNLESS you're not supposed to have one in the first place, just like backgrounds checks do now. Unless you're advocating for an/all people to be able to own a gun, you are incorrect.

Also, assuming you (yes, YOU) are legally allowed to purchase a gun, registration would make 0 difference in your ability to own/fire a gun.

(b) Seeing as there is no registration for firearms in the US, I fail to see how you can reach that conclusion. Secondly, registering of cars/licensing of drivers works pretty damn well. Get pulled over without a license, go to jail. Get pulled over in a car that's not registered to you (i.e. stolen), go to jail.

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