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Comment Re:I KNEW IT! (Score 1) 147

Interesting. Just like my young life. I thought that only worked with younglings. My allergies are getting worse when I am almost 40. I do get a lot of dusts (my computers and air filters show that) since I live in a dry area (Los Angeles/L.A.). It also didn't help that I had to stay in the hospital for half of a year after I was born due to my multiple disabilities.

When I was older as a callow ant/child/kid (not a baby goat), I have had pets but not furry types like cats and dogs (not allergic to them). I had small ones like fishes, insects (ants too), hermit crabs, cra(w/y)fishes, a frog/toad from tadpole, etc. I don't have any pets now since I am too BUSY and tired to take care of them. :(

I have met people who have cats and they still have allergies though. :(

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