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Comment Re:They are only the best rated TVs... (Score 1) 202

Interesting. I thought LED was a new thing away from LCD. I read that plasmas use a lot more power and makes more heat. That would be a problem for me since power is expensive and hot weather sucks (can be 90F degrees in my upstair room even with expensive crappy AC on) even if I rarely turn on my Sharp 19.5" CRT TV from 1996. I will replace my CRT TV when it starts having problems or die.

Comment I want a smartwatch that doesn't require a phone! (Score 1) 365

I have been wearing Casio Data Bank watches since my high school days. However, I found Casio stopped making them (still wear and use 150 model) since it has a calendar/scheduler to show this current and next weeks, alarms, calculator, phone books, etc. I like it for being small and light because of my disabilities. I can't show a phone correctly to use and is tiring for me. I also don't use the phone due to my impediments. I don't mind having Internet, but not required since it is expensive and capped. :(

I saw people use their (6/six)th generation iPod Nanos as watches, but they do not have the features like in iOS like on big iPods, iPhones, and iPads. :(

Comment Re:Show time (Score 1) 722

Ambulances are expensive. It is better to get someone else, like a local friend/relative, to drive. I had an accident, as a callow ant, when I fell off the stair and hit my forhead on the stairway's wall to get a cut and bleed like crazy. Of course my parents' friends (RIP for the husband who died recently) took me to the ER.

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