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Submission + - Urinal Dynamics: a tactical guide and summary. (

antdude writes: Boing Boing shared an over one minute YouTube video showing "Urinal Dynamics: a tactical summary — We illustrate the importance of good technique when using a urinal and offer some advice. Through high-speed video footage of a simulated male urine stream we show that reduced splash can be achieved by aiming at a vertical surface, moving closer to the urinal and by decreasing the impact angle."

Splash Lab has more videos and text details.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 222

Cable is the only affordable broadband Internet service in my areas. No DSL (too far to CO) and FIOS from Verizon. Verzion and GTE's phone system sucks badly in my areas. On good connections, my neighbors and I get about 3 kB/sec with already compressed datas. We have lots of line noises (can see my modems to struggle with the external lights).

Comment Re:Pretty much. (Score 2) 385

I wished Netflix had a non-subscription payment system. I rarely watch stuff these days. I like Amazon and iTunes for their on demand payments. However, I dislike buying videos that I have to keep forever. I only want to watch them once at a cheaper price!

Submission + - PG-13 Films More Violent Than R-Rated? (

antdude writes: France 24 reported "Gun violence is on the rise in U.S. (United States) movies and has more than tripled since (19)85 in those rated as acceptable for teenagers 13 and older, according to a study out Monday.

The amount of such violence seen in modern movies rated PG-13 even exceeded that in films rated R for adults in 2012, said the findings by American and Dutch university researchers in the US journal Pediatrics.

The findings raise concern about the impact that seeing shootings in fictional movie scenes may have on youths in real life, since a large body of research has shown that viewing violent films can increase aggression, the researchers said..."

Seen on Dark Horizons.

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