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Comment A standalone smart watch for me. (Score 1) 427

I still wear an old school Casio DataBank (150 model) watch. I do not use mobile phones. I'd like a smartwatch to replace my old watch since it is difficult/hard to find another one. I do not want to buy a phone. I just want simple features like scheduler, times, address book, etc. Nothing fancy. I have disabilities so I can't hold mobile devices well. Watches are perfect. They cannot be big and heavy since I have thin arms and other issues with my old weird body. :( Anyways, it seems like the current and upcoming smartwatches won't meet my needs. :(

Comment Re:SciFi come to life (Score 1) 270

Ditto. I have disabilities so mobilities, verbal communications, etc. are big issues. Thanks to computers, phone lines (bulletin board system (BBSes), and then the internet, many things changed for me. I socialize a lot more decades ago. People call me an annoying Internet addict. Would they rather see me in my old ways then? :P

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