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Comment Re:NO. (Score 1) 349

Oregon Trail! ;)

Do schools still use LOGO these days? When I was a kid/student back in the 1980s/80s, my learned LOGO and others. My six grade teacher, Mr. Mangel (I wonder if he still around and reads /.), was radical/rad. He was a family man aged geek/nerd and even had one of those robotic LOGO turtle that plotted/drew from Apple 2 computers on big paper on the floor. LOGO helped a lot in geometry, art, drafting/architecture, etc.

Comment TV output. (Score 1) 355

One thing that pisses me off is the latest video drivers don't work with fullscreen overlays on TVs. NVIDIA and pulled this useful fullscreen video feature from their latest video drivers and Windows. They say it is for copy protection/DRM (lame!). ATI can do it but for me, I have to use DVI and CRT (no VGA since I use an old KVM from Y2K) only. :(

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