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Comment What about Casio Data Bank type of watches? (Score 1) 399

I still wear and use Casio Data Bank (DB) 150 watch since I don't use or want a smartphone and mobile phone (subscriptions are lame too). I did try a 1G iPod Touch, but it was too big, heavy, and annoying. I want something tiny and light for a smartwatch. Do any exist? Casio doesn't make DBs anymore. :(

Comment Re:ET's not that bad. (Score 4, Insightful) 179

When I was a callow ant, I got this game for Christmas from my parents IIRC. I was all :) to get this game because I enjoyed the movie in the theater. I never understood how to play it like most people. My older friend did and told me how. It wasn't too bad. Not a great game. There are worse games like these: ...

Comment Matt Chat's Interviews With Stewart Cheifet! (Score 1) 99

3/Three Long Parts:

They talked about Gary briefly. I don't re(member/call) which one(s) had that discussion. Just watch/listen to all of them if you were a fan of Computer Chronicles like me. ;)

Comment Re:Original iPads Work Well ... (Score 2) 386

Same for old 15" MacBook Pro from 2008, 19.5" Sharp CRT TV from 1996, VCR from dotcom days, Windows XP Pro. from 2002, IDE/PATA HDDs, analog bone conduction hearing aid model designed from 1994, Casio Data Bank 150 calculator watch, etc. They all still work decently for me. Slow, yes but still usable. :)

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