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Comment Re:Don't expect it to be Cable (Score 1) 219

Basically, we are better off with the over the air (OTA) local TV stations (100+ channels in Los Angeles (L.A.) areas!) than satellite TV for local broadcast stations and Internet assuming viewers have access to both. I read and nothing really good interest me. :/ Adjusting dishes can be a pain and annoying. It is already bad enough for my antenna(s/e). :)

Comment Subscription and true HD... (Score 1) 323

I rarely watch movies these days, so Netflix and other subscription based services wouldn't work for me. I do like Amazon's Video on Demand and iTunes services, but not everything is rental (why buy if I am only watch it once?), available, and in true HD. Also, Amazon doesn't let me download HD videos to play in Amazon Unbox (Windows only and buggy) to play locally (frak streaming with unstable and slow Internet connections).

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