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Comment Subscription and true HD... (Score 1) 323

I rarely watch movies these days, so Netflix and other subscription based services wouldn't work for me. I do like Amazon's Video on Demand and iTunes services, but not everything is rental (why buy if I am only watch it once?), available, and in true HD. Also, Amazon doesn't let me download HD videos to play in Amazon Unbox (Windows only and buggy) to play locally (frak streaming with unstable and slow Internet connections).

Comment Re:I can think of a case (Score 1) 394

It's a very common technique and puddles or spray enough to degrade brake performance isn't uncommon, particularly in places where heavy rain is common and a lot of driving is rural, such as Oregon or Washington State, outside the major cities. In fact some vehicles have automated systems to do this for you, if brake wetting is detected.

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