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Comment Re:How do you change your fingerprints (Score 1) 356

I've been using fingerprint and face recognition to log into my PC for years. The software always allows a person to register one or more (upper limit so far always 10) prints in the database per user. The face recognition requires the user to sit in front of the cam for a while and sort of bobble around so it can get a good look. I assume they are detecting features and relating them and constructing a LSH value from this, since this is how this sort of thing is generally done.

Comment Re:Smart watch not such a smart idea (Score 1) 196

I still like wearing Casio Data Bank calculator watches (currently DB150). It would be nice to have touch screen, Internet, etc. with long battery life and not require a phone separately. The tiny square iPod Nano would be good, but I have not found a way to install third party softwares, apps, etc. on my free (six/6)th generation model (8 GB) so far. :(

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