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Comment Since VCRs and VHS tapes are going extinct... (Score 1) 308

... are there any local store-bought DVRs that do not require paid subscrptions, can store onto HDDs and DVDs, support HDTV, lets me connect to computers to transfer video recording files (back and forth), etc.? The last time I checked, they didn't exist. I also don't want to use computers to be my DVRs since they tend to crash (e.g., programs, blue screens, bugs), I like to modify/upgrade them, etc.

The Internet

Broadband Access Without the Pork? 412

An anonymous reader writes "Like many consumers nowadays, I find more of my time spent on the internet and various wireless devices (e.g. mobile phone). This has gotten to the point where I basically do not use a landline or cable television anymore, and they are essentially pork on my broadband bill, which further subjects the consumer to all sorts of clandestine fees that aren't disclosed until the first bill arrives and add a non-trivial sum (in my case, nearly 100%) to the monthly rate. However, it seems that all broadband access providers have this stipulation, that an internet customer must first have a basic phone or cable TV service in order to sign on for the internet service. Are there any ISPs that can get around this and still deliver broadband internet service at a competitive rate?"

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