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Comment Re:Didn't they just susped all PvP in the game? (Score 1) 122

they've basically suspended all PvP in the game.

A multiplayer FPS... Without PvP? Wow. Just... Wow.

I mean, I admittedly hate involuntary PvP in most online games. But I can't really imagine how they plan to attract people to an FPS without PvP as a core game mechanic - "Come play a UT clone against AI opponents, oh and don't forget your freemium upgrades if you want to have any chance at lasting 30 seconds"?

Comment Re:Definition of 'scary' (Score 2) 337

The DoD plan isn't what's scary from a logistical point of view. It's the fact our own government might be forced to shoot people as they flee in panic. Nobody wants to be boxed in against their will. Unfortunately, that's what it might take to contain a nasty pandemic. For example: you live in an apartment complex where 50% of the residence are known to be infected. That means you must quarantine the remaining 50% of the healthy and hope they too won't get infected??? Civil unrest is not something that will bode well for our nation. Respect for law cannot be maintain once trust has been shattered.

Comment Re: I still want... (Score 1) 256

3/4th of illegal Hispanics would vote Democrat if given the option. The remaining 1/4th fall into the undecided to conservative camp. That's enough to keep the Democrats in power forever in perpetuity! The GOP is effectively dead and feels the need to not piss off the Latino community as well. This is why amnesty will pass; so they can vote!!!

BTW, did you know that once immigration reform passes, there's a provisional loophole that states they are not required to pay into Obamacare nor are business required to offer insurance. Yup. So there will be a massive layoff of American unskilled workers as it will be legally cheaper to higher the "undocumented Democrats".

We. Are. Fucked!

Comment Re:"We have to take all threats seriously" (Score 1) 706

And if that kid ending up shooting the other one, and it turned out the police knew of this incident and didn't even investigate, that'd fine, right?

Do you see just a bit of grey area between "ignore" and "arrest"? Hmm?

A parent complained. Fine. The police have a five minute chat with the kid, and maybe, if he sounds completely screwed up, ask for a psych evaluation. End of story.

As presented, he did nothing wrong. This complete bullshit about "terroristic threats" needs to stop now - And "interference of the operation of a school"? Wouldn't that require, I dunno, actually interfering in the operation of a school or something along those lines? Taking a video with your cell phone, crosshairs or not, doesn't do that. Posting that video to YouTube doesn't do that.

Now, in fairness, yes, sometimes we do complain when the authorities look the other way. When James Holmes actually did go to a shrink (several, in fact) prior to his attack, one of whom declared him a threat to the public who outright said he wanted to kill people, and began stockpiling weapons in the six months leading up to Aurora - Not quite the same ballpark as a 15YO playing a game with reality as the background decoration.

Comment Re:Wishful thinking (Score 1) 122

They did -- they predicted it would generate $161 million in revenue.

On what basis? They can't even figure out who owes the tax after the fact, how did they come up with that magic number before passing it?

If you ask me my opinion about something, I'll give it. Time may prove me wrong or right, but if wrong, you can bet the farm that I can at least explain my reasoning to you in a rational, even compelling manner.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 122

I'm actually quite impressed that the Massachusetts politicians have reversed course on this idiotic tax so quickly

...In other news, MA politicians haven't had access to their email in over a week, and mysteriously can't seem to find anyone willing to help them. In a completely unrelated turn of events, they started talking about H1Bs as a possible solution immediately before they lost all access to the internet. And now, merely half an hour later, they've come to their senses.

Will wonders never cease.

Comment Re:My own experience (Score 1) 512

Apple has crippled their OS to *only* enable TRIM on Apple branded SSD drives. Otherwise, if the drive is flagged anything but Apple, TRIM is disabled even if the drive supports it. This has been true going as far back as Snow Leopard. However, you can still enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD drive, but it enables a perlscript hack to a file that ignores the vendor flag check. The script to use depends on the version of OSX you're using however. Oh, and you must apply the hack after each service pack update (normal updates seem to be fine however) as it will replace the modification back to normal operation.

Comment Re:Stay away from OCZ and SandForce (Score 1) 512

I've had a bad rash of Vertex 2 and 3 version drives in the past. Forums filled with problems of the drives "bricking". There was a period when Newegg offered a sweet deal on a Vertex 4. I purchased it and soon after a firmware update was released. The industry revisited the drive and benchmarked the Vertex4 one last time after the firmware update. It got faverable reviews and the price jumped up on Newegg. So far, I've now got a total of two Vertex 4 drives in use in both my MacBook Pro and desktop at home. No problems and the speeds have been consistent.

Stay away from OCZ? I bit harsh advice now days. I'm not saying you should give them equal treatment along with the three brands you've mentioned, but OCZ isn't some shitty low-end no-name brand either. Give them another chance should you run into another price drop of their stuff.

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