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Comment Re:In otherwords (Score 2) 258

These sound like valid concerns, If it's not in writing, it's not going to happen - any city that's worked with a developer knows that the developer will promise the world "Oh yes, we'll build a park on every street corner and a paved jogging/biking trail around the perimeter of the development, trust us", but when funds run short, the development ends up with a patch of dirt called a "park", and fifty feet of paved trail that goes nowhere.

While true, take a look at the rest of Florida - You want suburban sprawl? They wrote the friggin' book on it. Mile after mile of endless (and currently massively underpopulated) yuppy/retiree housing developments stretching from one coast to the other.

Whether or not Destiny fell short of its goal, I don't see how it could have done any worse than the default situation there. And given the stated intent of that community, even if the developers "glossed over" a few points, their target audience might have enough motivation to fill in some of those gaps.

Of course, that all assumes the whole project doesn't include the standard "the HOA considers solar panels ugly, and demands you water your exactly-2in-grass even in a drought" clause in every deed. It amazes me people still fall for those things. Funny, really, how many people who want to control what their neighbors do, don't realize that it works both ways.

Comment No such thing (Score 2, Insightful) 237

Welcome to the club. Now get back in line. :p

Seriously though, I think, with the exception of the "Alex P. Keatons" among us, virtually all programmers would rather work doing some sort of pure research for the betterment of humanity, than helping some sycophantic management team please the board/stockholders for yet another quarter.

Reality of the situation, though, you (and I, and all of us) have chosen the very same thing you claim has disillusioned you. You have chosen to want a paycheck. Make no mistake, for every one software engineering job position you see posted, you can find a hundred good causes that need volunteer coders. Except, good luck getting a steady paycheck if you go that route - Short of actually becoming a professor, you very much need to treat it as an act of charity.

Which leaves you to ask yourself: Can you really afford to live without a paycheck? If you can't answer "yes" without hesitation, hey, they don't call it "work" because we go there to have eight hours of fun every day.

As a compromise solution many of us have taken, do your good deeds on the side. Get that paycheck, and put 10-20 hours a week into a FOSS project, or helping the local foodbank set up a useable LAN from their pile of 15 year old mostly-DOA donated junk, or if you still have a few "in"s at your university, ask a few of your favorite non-CS professors if they have any projects that could use your skills (almost all of them do). But make a living first and foremost.

Comment Re:You can do it with just latitude / longitude (Score 1) 478

Because most people can't remember a long string of numbers but they can easily remember three english words.

If you can remember just eight digits - Two groups of four, less than a complete long distance telephone number - That will put you within half a mile of your target location. Add two more digits (the length of an LD phone number including the "1"), and it puts you to less than a football field away.

Then again, we have DNS in the first place because non-geeks couldn't manage four groups of three, so, I don't seriously expect them to do much better with lat&long.

/ob "Correct Horse Battery Staple"

Comment Re:Boom (Score 1) 814

the lock on that 92FS could be quickly and easily removed without much effort. That could be picked easily or removed with bolt cutters.

So our intent has shifted from "keep your 4YO from accidentally shooting himself" to "made of unobtanium".

Show me anything portable that a cutting torch won't turn into swiss cheese, if we want to invoke large tools as a means of bypassing them. But I haven't met many toddlers who've studied the MIT Guide to Lockpicking.

That "Anti-Gun Propaganda" was being spewed by a gun owner and a CWL holder.

Fair enough. I gave it about five seconds, noticed the total length, scrolled through the video looking for "here's where he defeats a trigger lock" in another five, and closed the window. Kinda my point, even if I mistook the overall focus of the video.

Comment Re:Boom (Score 3, Informative) 814

Trigger locks are a joke by the way...

Instead of a nice 15 second clip of someone defeating a trigger lock (you could have found hundreds of them - Hell, your link had three linked from it), you posted 40 minutes of anti-gun FUD propagandist bullshit? Classy.

And as for locks - some trigger locks count as a joke. That amounts to a straw-man, however; some balcony rails count as a joke, but we don't scream bloody murder that we need to ban balconies - We buy functional rather than purely decorative rails instead.

You want an effective cheap gun lock? If you can Fire this with the lock in place, I'll buy you a beer (or a wine spritzer with some foofoo garnish, if you prefer). Five seconds on and off, and you can't even seat the magazine, much less rack it.

Comment This should surprise us? (Score 1) 814

They cost more, and have lower reliability. Why would they sell well?

The only people buying "smart" guns fall into the "I fear/hate guns and want them banned and only own that one to show all my friends as a proof of concept". Anyone actually interested in owning a firearm for self defense, or hell, even just for hunting, will stick to something that doesn't beep in error and ask you to re-authenticate right when you have that deer - or soon-to-be rapist - in your sights.

Comment Re:GG (Score 1) 194

Ditto. I though Gorilla glass was rated on the hardness scale as being between 7 and 9. Apparently it has the same hardness as sapphire. While a grain of sand is enough to scratch it, I didn't think brass keys could. So where in the hell are all these scratches coming from. There not noticeable unless I look for them with the screen turned off. And when I find them, I can fell them with my fingernail along the groove.

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