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Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 455

Thanks to A/B/C (and D, in wagons) pillers quadrupling in size, increasing focus on aerodynamics lowering visibility in modern vehicles (especially for tall people like myself), I'm less likely to get into a wreck in my antique because I can actually see the damn road!

I gladly give up the side curtain airbags and better rollover survivability for that 25 or so degrees of road that's now typically blocked. The best way to survive an accident is to avoid one, and the best way to avoid one is better view. Somehow, this principle seems to be lost on those designing cars nowadays.

I have seen quite a few newer vehicles so poorly maintained as to more than offset superior emissions control. The 2007 Ford Cobra blowing a giant cloud of blue smoke I saw a month or so ago is a great example of how newer != better. My three decade old diesel does not smoke. At all.

Comment Bluetooth? (Score 1) 100

I've found phone-sized on-screen keyboards almost completely unusable. So much so that I tote around a Bluetooth keyboard with my phone when I think I'll have cause to enter a lot of text. What is with this trend of making devices' input options so fucking horrible? Remind me why we did away with the rather elegant solution of using styluses on touch screens?

And to anyone who says "use speech recognition"? It doesn't work for me. I get atrocious (70%+/-) accuracy with it due to my gravelly voice.

Comment Re:May I contribute $5 ? (Score 1) 431

Depends on the state. NY is abysmal at construction... they took 11 years to replace a ratty-ass bridge near where I used to live. Florida on the other hand kicks ass at it. I-275's been completely rebuilt in a matter of months.

I think it really is as simply as paying the contrator by the job, and not by the hour.

Comment Re:No, you cannot take it online (Score 1) 224

Thank you for replying to this with actual useful information rather than either a blatant troll or a defense. This is actually useful, and pretty much what I'd expected.

It seems stupid that I can take college courses online, but not the GED tests. As of the last time I looked into it, it did require more than one appointment, which is part of what makes it so damned inconvenient for me.

Comment Re: "no longer be offered in a pencil & paper (Score 1) 224

Where I live currently, they require several ass-in-seat days. Could be tests, could be classes, I'm not sure, offhand.

That assumes that the state you were homeschooled in graduates you, which in NYS at the time, was only if who you were being taught by was an accredited "education professional", as defined by them. My mother was a former primary education teacher, so I got better from her tutelage than I ever would've gotten from the state public system (just comparing what I learned to what my friends came out of the system knowing... or rather, not knowing).

Comment Re:"no longer be offered in a pencil & paper f (Score 1) 224

I started working at a young age. Since I have been gainfully employed without a diploma or GED for all but a few months (total) of that time, it has never been a priority to shell out money in order to sit in classes for several days. I'd like to just take the equivalency test online, but for some idiotic reason it's not offered.

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