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Comment Re:Huh. (Score 4, Insightful) 470

What trade secret? Published keys were already "published" by Sony, because a defective security implementation. It is like writting a number in the box and forbidding you to tell it to others. Geohot just told others what was the keys for his console, and the fact that these keys were the same for all consoles is just Sony's fault. In my opinion Sony deserves this and much more, because of fuking their customers (I still hold PS3 firmware 3.15, for using Linux, but not being able to play new games, because the *requirement* of firmware update). By the way, I have no intention of buying anything produced by Sony, including their media brands (e.g. Columbia Pictures).

Comment Re:is this the best use of die space & RAM ban (Score 1) 199

At 1920x1080 with 32-bit color, the framebuffer is close to 64MiB. This will typically be refreshed at 60Hz, requiring 3.7GiB/s of memory bandwidth.

You're wrong. 32-bit is 4 bytes, so 1920*1080*4 is 7.9MiB/frame, 474MiB/s at 60FPS. With 20GB/s memories is not such a big problem. Of course, a dedicated bus and memory is better.

Comment Re:Why not boycott PS3s (Score 1) 292

Same here: total boycott to anything related to Sony until they remove the Other OS option and recognice they were wrong when fucking paying customers (!) (DRM rootkit anyone?). My boycott includes Games, DVD, BluRay, non watching Columbia pictures movies on cinema, bitching about Sony Corporation stocks, etc.

I also discourage family and friends for doing the same. Screwed once, my fault, twice is being idiot.

Comment Re:Only later models (Score 1) 82

Parent comment was mine, I forgot to log in. I'm glad to see you here (I posted as 'aragon' in the PS2 Linux forums). I keep the PS2 Linux kit, but I'm no longer using it (2002-2007), and the PS3 with the last update before the one that banned Linux, as I like exotic CPU architectures (although I'm a long term x86 Linux user, since 1994).

Comment Re:The world is still interesting (Score 1) 312

For economics to be a science there also must be a way to test hypotheses. To date I haven't seen anything like this. So at best economics is wishful thinking, IMO.

Economics is full of ad hoc models, many of them in clear contradiction. I agree also with your signature: yes, debt is slavery (I can not yet believe people accepting 30-40 years mortgages, being some kind of neo-feudalism).

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