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Comment Re:IT Staff vs IT Security Staff (Score 1) 227

There is a big difference there. IT Staff does one thing and IT Security Staff does another. They must work together though. As a malware remediation consultant, I can confidently say 95% of the organizations out there (mostly small to medium sized ones) do not have any comprehensive understanding of good security procedures or what to do when they are compromised

Most small to medium sized businesses don't have separate IT staff and IT security staff either...

Comment Re:one-way street (Score 1) 227

Upper management are always deliberately clueless about security, unless the company is in the business of security.

This is more true than you know. Being ignorant of something protects them. They don't want to know, because with knowledge comes responsibility. If you know you're vulnerable, and you did nothing, it's far worse than being able to say that you didn't know.
Is it right? Of course not. But I have more than a few times encountered people who did not want to know something because of culpability implications.

Comment Feedback (Score 5, Interesting) 223

#1 - The installation process is as crappy as Google's. Namely, download a stub, then download the whole thing. It looks like you are using Rackspace's CDN, which is powered by Akiami, which is not very privacy friendly. Improvement is to allow users to download the entire installation package as a non-executable, extract, and then install or run from the extracted directory.

#2 - The proxy is not transparent. Hard to find out where it even goes. Have to dig in the FAQ.

#3 - Must have source and repeatable build process. Trust doesn't work, it is the enemy of security. Transparency works, it is the friend of security.

#4 - Some of the configuration options look like you just searched/replaced Google/Chrome for Epic. What does sign into Epic mean? Where are you signing into? At least with Chrome we know what we are signing into.

Comment Re:In the solar system? (Score 2) 105

The gas giants are believed not to have an actual surface, but rather a steadily increasing density from what we could call gas to what we would call solid. It is difficult to see how a volcano, which has a defined surface, could exist. If as surface does, contrary to belief, exist, we cannot see it and therefore can say nothing about its structure - including volcanoes.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 322

Let's not discriminate Charlie Stross by omitting second person...

I loved several of his other books, but that one I could not finish. It was so... alien to read in that style.

There are at least two books in that series now.

I didn't find them that hard, and think part of this is that I grew up with Infocom text adventures:
You're on a hilltop overlooking the seaside village of Festeron.

To the south stands the Festeron Post Office. It's a little brick building with a neatly-trimmed lawn. The Post Office door stands invitingly open.

Roads run down the hill to the east and west. There's a signpost nearby.

Somebody inside the Post Office is calling you.

A trick with Stross' 2nd person books is to take a couple of seconds reading the chapter title until it sticks. It determines who you are.

Comment Re:Television, if done right (Score 1) 322

no, you live it with the limitation imposed by literature.
Why do you think there aren't any?

Why do you think that I think there aren't any?

Yes, there are limitations, which can be pitfalls. Anything the writer describes becomes the limitations for the imagination.
This is also a pitfall, where the writer must take care to describe an object in all the details that later will matter.
I've read a story where the author did not ever mention or allude to the gender of the protagonist. That worked well.
But I've read several stories where the author did not establish limits like gender, age, skin color or height, but then referenced it later, after the user had already made a mental image. That is shoddy writing.

But as a writer, you don't have to go into excruciating details, but take advantage of the minds out there fleshing out the world. And you can provide visuals that is very possible to imagine, but not feasible to cast. Even two thousand years ago, literature had trees with gold leaves. Penned in for a penny. The best movie studios cannot make a believable gold leafed tree, with million dollar budgets.

Submission + - New Musopen Campaign Wants To "Set Chopin Free"

Eloquence writes: Three years ago, Musopen raised nearly $70,000 to create public domain recordings of works by Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Schubert, and others. Now they're running a new campaign with a simple but ambitious objective: 'To preserve indefinitely and without question everything Chopin created. To release his music for free, both in 1080p video and 24 bit 192kHz audio. This is roughly 245 pieces.' Will this funding approach work to incrementally free up humanity's cultural heritage?

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