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Comment Re:As someone who uses GNOME 3... (Score -1) 181

what they could have done was not had GNOME 3 as an option or had them as exclusive options.

And that would create a massive mess of dependencies in weirdest places, along with a burden of supporting software that can not even be built and tested while some other software is installed, thanks to name conflicts. No, after this kind of sabotage by the original developers, the code is for all practical purposes dead.

Gentoo actually supports old packages (or at least did for a long time), however dependencies and lack of active development make it at best suitable for transition. The problem is, there is nothing to move to in the first place, new versions of GNOME are not going to be usable for the foreseeable future.


Dropbox Wants To Replace Your Hard Disk 445

Barence writes "Dropbox has kicked off its first developer conference with the stated goal of replacing the hard disk. 'We are replacing the hard drive,' said Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. 'I don't mean that you're going to unscrew your MacBook and find a Dropbox inside, but the spiritual successor to the hard drive is what we're launching.' The new Dropbox Platform includes tools for developers that will allow them to use Dropbox to sync app data between devices. The company's new APIs will also make it easier for app developers to include plugins that save to Dropbox, or choose files stored in the service for use within apps."

Comment Re:but that old code had to fit into 80 columns an (Score 1) 345

Back then, there was FORTRAN with one letter variable names, and COBOL in which you could fall asleep before reading to the end of one.

No, COBOL names are limited to max 30 characters.. That's nothing compared to some of the java monstrosities I've seen.

And newer Fortran, like F90, has a limit of 31 characters, i.e. longer than COBOL.

Comment Re:(The Real) Murphy's Law strikes again! (Score 1) 323

If only they had labeled, with the arrow, the words "up", and put another arrow down, with the letters "dn" for "down", then none of this would have happened.

Unless, of course, somebody else had, for reasons that seemed excellent to them, decreed that this particular sub-assembly needed to be assembled upside down. At which point you need a careful worker to decide whether Up and Down mean assembly or launch orientation. This is wh nautical types use Port and Starboard instead of Left and Right for bits of the ship. Perhaps rocketeers need similar terms for nose and tail (Hot and Cold?).

Comment Re:Not a software glitch--it is a glitch in the la (Score 1) 490

The software did not implement what the law says. The could just fix the software to make it allow for what the law says. But the bureaucracy won't allow just fixing the software because ... apparently this was all contracted out, and they have to do an all new contract to have it fixed. So not only will it take a year or more, but it will cost at least 3.75 million dollars to do it because the old computers with the wrong software will have to be smashed and replaced with all new computers, including new mice, with the new software.

Your tax dollars at waste.

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