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Valve Settles Subway Advertising Issue 27

Gamasutra reports that Valve and IGA have settled their legal issues in the wake of the Subway advertising issue. From the article: "The joint statement explains 'an amicable resolution of differences regarding in-game advertising in Counter-Strike', which 'also absolves IGA's advertisers and IGA's advertising agencies from any liability', but does not specifically mention whether IGA will be permitted to run similar campaigns in the future."

Reinventing Gaming Addiction with 360 Achievements 78

jayintune writes "An article from 2old2play looks at how the XBox 360 achievement system is bringing out the addictive qualities of console games by adding a whole new level of competition to 'single-player' games. At the same time, the achievements extend the life and replayability of the games. Do you actually get more for your money from a single player Xbox 360 Game then from another console? You be the judge."

Online Communities Have Positive Effect 32

eToychest has the results from a three year study, showing the effect of online gaming communities. Overall, the study found, such communities have beneficial results. From the article: "'Our study shows that the online gaming communities are complex and highly developed, acting as training grounds for the transition from school to work' Nic continues: 'When playing, gamers are undergoing a complex process of work related learning - learning how to cope with work scenarios - which is far removed from the traditionally held negative view of gaming. Put simply, these games have a central - and positive - role to play in the development and education of young people.'"

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